Dredging, capping and covering operations continue


Dredging and processing operations for the 2014 season began on April 7th, while capping and covering operations resumed in May. The cleanup activies for 2014 will continue until mid November. 

The Fox River Cleanup Project is designed to reduce risk to human health and the environment due to the presence of PCBs in Fox River sediment, It's a multi-year cleanup effort that includes dredging, capping and covering over a 13-mile stretch of the Lower Fox River. 

The project officially started with dredging and processing on April 28, 2009. 

Latest update on the Fox River Cleanup Project.

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Dredging involves removing sediment from the riverbed. The sediment is dewatered and the resulting filter cake material is transported by truck to a landfill. 


Capping and sand covering involves adding cover above PCB containing sediment by placing sand and gravel on the river bottom. Capping and covering further prevents the PCBs from being released into the river. The thickness of the caps vary from a six inch sand cover to a 33 inch cover of sand, gravel and quarry stone.


As part of the Fox River Cleanup Project, a processing facility was constructed along the river in Green Bay where dewatering, sediment processing and water treatment take place.

A staging facility is located between Little Rapids and De Pere to support the pipeline to the spreader barge and manage capping and covering materials. Contaminated sediment will be handled only at the Green Bay Processing Facility.   


Transportation Plan has been developed that outlines primary and secondary routes for trucking processed sediment for disposal.   


Throughout the project, safety is a top priority. Rigorous health and safety plans are in place for all aspects of the project, including safety on the river for project workers as well as boaters, anglers and other recreational river users.  

As of late August, the Fox River Cleanup Project has topped 1,543,800 work hours without a lost time incident.  

You can reach the Fox River Cleanup Group at 877-FOX-RIVR (369-7487) or info@foxrivercleanup.com.