Two shoreline facilities are key components of the Fox River Cleanup Project. 

The Green Bay Processing Facility, located at 1611 State Street, is the primary operations base where dewatering, sediment processing, water treatment operations and material handling takes place.  It will also house support facilities. 

A staging facility was also utilized to support the capping and sand cover operations between Little Rapids and the De Pere Dam.  The De Pere-Rockland Staging Area was initially used for welding and installing the pipeline in the river that is carrying the dredged slurry, then as the staging area for the sand, gravel and armored cap material. Capping material is transported via pipeline to the capping operations on the river. The De Pere-Rockland site was used for the first four years of operations on the river. The staging area then moved to 2661 S. Broadway in Green Bay and the past several years has been located at the site of the processing facility.    

Contaminated sediment will be handled only at the Green Bay Processing Facility.



Inside the Green Bay Processing Facility during construction 

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