Health & Safety

Safety is a priority throughout the Fox River Cleanup Project...on the river, at the processing facility, on the road and at the staging area.

Air Emissions

Several important measures have been instituted to minimize the potential for air emissions.  Dredged sediments will be completely contained without exposure to the air from the river bottom through the dredge, the booster pumps and the dredging slurry pipe to the processing plant. The dewatering and water treatment operations will take place indoors, at the Green Bay Processing Facility site.  Air conditions will be monitored at four stations near the active dredging operations throughout the project.


Highly efficient mufflers are installed on all dredging equipment to reduce noise.  To limit noise impacts in the area of the Green Bay Processing Facility, dewatering, water treatment and truck loading is done inside the processing building. 


Although a certain lighting standard is required to maintain safety while dredging on the river, the number of lights have been minimized to the greatest extent possible.  All lights are consciously directed at the work and away from business and residential areas along the river.


Safety is a priority for this project for the cleanup team workers and the public. The cleanup team will work according the project's comprehensive Health and Safety Plan under the direction of a fulltime health and safety officer. Information is being provided to the public through several methods to be sure people are informed about the work that is taking place on the river and at the processing and staging sites. 

Click here to view a short presentation with important information for boaters and anglers who use the Fox River.