Fox River Cleanup Project Photos


Shipwreck Debris Removal started on November 18, 2013 and was completed in May 2014

A worker inspects a haul truck before it heads to the Advanced Disposal Services landfill in Calumet County




The Fox River Cleanup Project features eight of the world's largest membrane filter presses


Filter cake drops from one of the membrane filter press at the end of the processing cycle




Danger signs mark the dredges to keep recreational boaters clear of the work areas


Filter cake is stored inside the storage building prior to being trucked to the landfill




Sand is stored outside the Processing Facility prior to beneficial reuse. Project sand has been beneficially reused as part of the Highway 41 project in Brown County.


Sand samples are collected from the sand pad behind the Processing Facility for testing 




J.F. Brennan workers discuss signage and safe passage with a boater


Material is removed from the dredged sediment as the first step in sediment processing




The Dredge Mark Anthony works in the area near the Processing Facility


Turbidity buoys monitor the dredges as they work in the Lower Fox River




The processed sediment is sampled in the Processing Facility's storage area


Front end loaders fill the trucks before heading to the landfill in Calumet County




A J.F. Brennan diver prepares to inspect the diffuser pipeline outside the processing facility


The material spreader placing gravel as part of the capping operations 




On board the dredge Mark Anthony 


Sampling is conducted after an area is dredged to determine if Remedial Action Levels have been met




The Dredge Ashtabula in operation on the Lower Fox River


Trucks are loaded on scales and can be washed before leaving the processing facility




Booster pumps are placed at one mile intervals to help move the sediment to the processing facility


Dredging started on April 28, 2009




A view of the Green Bay Processing Facility from on the river. The processing facility is located at 1611 State Street in Green Bay.   

Click here for photos of the construction of the Green Bay Processing Facility.