Construction of the Processing Facility

Filter press installation concluded in March 2009    
    Tank installation in March 2009


Tank installation in February 2009    


    Installation of eight of the world's largest membrane filter presses continued in January 2009


Work on the hydrocyclone in January 2009    



Carbon filters are part of the water treatment area of the processing facility


Work to enclose the building continued in December 2008    


    Installation of the filter presses in November 2008


A view of the filter presses from the water treatment area in November 2008    


    The end pieces of the membrane filter presses are lifted into place


The daily workforce at the site averaged 140 people over the course of the construction project    


    A view of the construction site in September 2008


Walls are placed as construction of the processing facility continues    


    Early construction in September 2008


Site work for the Green Bay Processing Facility at 1611 State Street began in summer 2008    

Click here for photos of the cleanup opertions and other project activities.