The lower-level PCB sediment, which makes up the vast majority of the sediment that will be removed from the river, is being disposed of in the Hickory Meadows Landfill operated by Advanced Disposal Services in the town of Chilton in Calumet County.    

All trucking is in accordance with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and the local landfill operating agreement between Advanced Disposal Services (formerly Veolia) and Calumet County.  Trucks hauling materials in or away from the site will abide by restrictions for truck traffic and will travel on approved truck routes. 

All trucks transporting waste are externally cleaned and covered prior to leaving the Green Bay Processing Facility.  While the filter cake being transported is non-liquid, as an extra safety measure, truck bodies are water tight, so no leakage can occur during transit.  
To prevent tracking of materials across the site or onto public areas, the areas are maintained to minimize mud in the loading and haul routes. Roads at the processing facility are hard surfaced and are washed and/or swept on a regular basis.

There are two (2) truck routes from the Processing Facility to the Hickory Meadows Landfill – a primary route and a secondary route. 

The primary route is Ashland Avenue to Hwy. 172, Hwy. 172 to Hwy. 57, Hwy. 57 to Schneider Road and Schneider Road to the landfill. 

The secondary route follows Ashland Avenue to Hwy. 41, Hwy. 41 to County U, County U to Hwy. 96, Hwy. 96 to Hwy. 57, Hwy. 57 to Schneider Road and Schneider Road to the landfill.  The secondary route will be used when the primary route is unavailable or subject to delays that will impact the transportation schedule. 

Due to several major construction projects on area state highways, other transportation route options may be necessary as the project proceeds.  

The hours of trucking to the Hickory Meadows Landfill are consistent with the landfill's regulated hours of operation: 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and some Saturday mornings.

A small percentage of the sediment volume has a higher level of PCB concentration. That sediment is transported to the Ridgeview Landfill in Manitowoc County which is permitted to accept such material.